Payment Methods

Dear customer, we have the following forms of payment which will detail below, GREAT TRIP TITIKAKA always at your service.



We accept money transfer from Western Union. This payment method can be used by anyone anywhere in the world. To find and WU office nearest to your home. Go to website

Money Transfers with the Following Data:

D.N.I. / ID 01888844
Address JR. ACORA 470 – PUNO
City / Country PUNO / PERÚ
Tel Number (If its required) (0051) 995004621

After transfer send the following information to: moc.akakititpirttaerg@savreser

  • Full Names of sender:
  • Home address:
  • City/Country money sent from:
  • WU Money Control Transfer Code (10 Digits) or MoneyGram code (4 digits):
  • Telephone (optional):
  • Total money sent to us:

Once reviewed and confirmed, your reservation will be effective.


paypal logo

It is a fast and secure system for sending and receiving money; you can use your credit or debit card. Enter here

PayPal is an e-commerce company in the sector, the system allows users to make payments and transfers through Internet without sharing financial information with the recipient, with the only requirement that these need to have email.

Can I use Paypal to pay for tours or services from Great Trip Titikaka?

We prefer to receive money through Wester Union or Moneygram; however we can accept payments by Paypal (which also involves credit cards / debit Visa, Mastercard, American Express), it increases the total ammount in 5.4% + 0.3USD and you can use only to certain services or tours, ask us if you can pay us through Paypal.


  • Registered Name: GREAT TRIP TITIKAKA E.I.R.L
  • TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 20448876145
  • Company owner: VICTORIA ESPINOZA
  • Address: JR. ACORA 470 – PUNO
  • Phone. 0051- 951753244 – 998777803
  • E-mail 1: moc.akakititpirttaerg@savreser

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