CHUCUITO – “INCA UYO” (Half day) Morning or afternoon.



Location Chucuito, , “City of the Cajas Reales”, located 18 km of the route Puno – Bolivia in the area of Lake Titicaca

Inca Uyo: The “Inca Uyo” or temple of fertility, with rectangular form and ceremonial temple, which is a sacred place where rituals payment is performed to the Pachamama (mother earth) and sun. We can find up to 80 figures in the form of penises. Also used as an astronomical observatory for the Incas. The Inca Uyo is perfect for meditation.

Asunción church in Chucuito: Church made of columns and arches, with Renaissance Peruvian colonial architecture. Also known by the festivity that takes place on August 15, which expresses the beginning of the livestock year, through various Andean religious symbolism as the “huajjcha” where people throw quispiños (quinoa cooked and lime) from the tower of the church of the Asunción.

Chucuito’s viewpoint: It was a Lupaca ceremonial center, currently visited for ceremonies in the end of festivity; is made of mud, brick and adobe.

Santo Domingo Church in Chucuito: Founding in 1539, the altar is carved in wood with gold leaf, also in this temple is dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary in October. It has two bells made of bronze.

It is also the cross of catechesis, carved stone with images of the Virgin Mary and the Apostle San Júan, which serves for the indoctrination to indigenous as Incas, Lupacas.

Trout Farming in Chucuito (Optional): Freshwater, exquisite meat, we find the trout farming in Chucuito, you can see the process of reproduction, growth of rainbow trout with pink flesh and other species such as trout de enroll, that in the past, it measured more than a meter.This research center (Belongs to Universidad Nacional del Altiplano) was created to repopulate trout species that was in the process of extinction due to fishing of trout in the lake Titicaca.


  • 09:30 AM Pick Up from hotels in Puno and Depart to Chucuito
  • 10:00 AM Arrival in the city of Chucuito and Visit Inca Uyo, Santo Domingo and Asunción churches, Viewpoint, Trout farming (if it’s open
  • 11:30 AM Depart to Puno
  • 12:00 PM Arrival in Puno – End of tour.


  • Entrance fees to Inca Uyo
  • Guide English/Spanish
  • Car transportation

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