TOURS LAGO TITICACA: CUTIMBO (Half day) Morning or afternoon


Location:  The archaeological complex Cutimbo, characterized by their chullpas or burial towers, is located 22 km away from Puno on the highway to Moquegua, with an altitude of 4023 m.a.s.l

Cutimbo meaning:  Cutimbo’s name comes from “QUT” which means to return and “impuy”. That conjugation means “back here”

Chullpas of Cutimbo:  The archaeological complex of Cutimbo had an extensive occupation (pre-Inca and Inca), was a ceremonial and ritual center. This place belonged to a local chief called Pedro Cutimbo.

In this complex we can find the famous “Cutimbo Chullpas” with circular, rectangular and square shapes, from the most rustic to the most complex (with cornices and up to 8.5 meters). You can see also carved figures of animals in the chullpas like cats, viscacha (Andean squirrel), monkeys and snakes.

Ritual center for the death: This ceremonial center was built for the cult to the death (the pass to another life), in the center of this complex we find the “Ushno or temple” made with two different rock types, inside you can see 5 niches (3 along the east, 2 towards the south and north).


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