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Puno – Tiahuanaco – La Paz (Full day) / Private service


This Great Trip Titikaka lasts approximately 12 hours. Tiahuanaco, also called Taypi k'ala, is located at an altitude of 3,845 meters above sea level. It is the most important archaeological site in Bolivia, due to its size and magnificence.

This place contemplates 3 periods in the evolution of its culture that are: the Aldeano, Urban and Expansive period.

After picking up from your hotel we will border Lake Titicaca, observing the wonderful landscape. On the way, we will visit INCA UYO, ARAMU MURU, mystical and sacred places of the Incas. When we arrive at the DESAGUADERO border, we must present our respective documentation; Once in Bolivia, we will have our Bolivian guide that will take us to our destination TIAHUANACO, where we will have lunch and visit: PUMA PUNKU, PUERTA DEL SOL, PYRAMIDE DE AKAPANA, MUSEO DE PIEDRAS, MONOLITO BENETH and others.


  •  07:00 h. Departure from your hotel in Puno
  •  07:30h. Arrival in Chucuito and guided tour to the Inca Uyo.
  •  08:15h. Departure to Aramu Muru
  •  09:15h. Arrival in Aramu muro and guided tour.
  •  11:30h. Arrival at the Desaguadero border. Documentary procedure; change of moneys.
  •  13:45h. (Bolivia Time) Arrival to Tiwanaku and lunch buffet.
  •  14:15h. (Hora Bolivia) Guided tour Archaeological complex.
  •  16:15 h (Bolivian Time) Departure from Tiahuanaco
  •  19:30 h. (Bolivian time) Arrival to La Paz - Hotel.


  • Entrance tickets to: Inca Uyo, Aramu Muru.
  • English and Spanish Guides Peruano to Desaguadero.
  • English and Spanish Bolivian Guide in Tiwanaku.
  • Mobility carr Private  
  • Entrance tickets in Tiahuanaco (usd$ 17.) per person.
  • Buffet lunch in Tiahuanaco.
  • Water bottle.


  • Extra expenses.


  • Light shoes.
  • Photographic camera.
  • Sunscreen.

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